We must be economical with resources! Sustainable development affects all parts of our lives - including research and development. Material development and manufacturing technology in particular can make important contributions, whether in the development of new biodegradable or biobased materials, in joining technology, in lightweight construction, in the field of energy or in the design of recycling processes. All these contributions are to be given a platform here: RE:FORM MATERIAL

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The latest projects


Resource conservation and CO2 reduction with FRP components

Continuing education "Sustainable Production Systems" teaches planning of process chains for lightweight solutions including life cycle assessment


Controlling energy-efficient thermoprocessing systems with pinpoint accuracy

Up to 30 percent of energy can be saved if heating processes in industrial furnaces are controlled with pinpoint accuracy. Here, monitoring the process gases is a key to the energy turnaround in manufacturing technology.


Durable and biological: New bio-based and biodegradable materials for the automotive industry

In the German-Brazilian project BestBioPLA, new plastics are being developed that combine good mechanical and chemical resistance during the product life with biodegradability as an option for the end of the product life. 


Strong and flexible at the same time - recyclable polymer systems for fiber composites

In the DuroCycleFVK project, researchers at Fraunhofer IFAM develop novel polymers for FRPs, which combine the desired properties of thermoplastics and thermosets and enable new and more energy-efficient manufacturing, shaping, and recycling processes for FRPs.