Our Motivation

We must be economical with resources! Sustainable development affects all parts of our lives - including research and development. Material development and manufacturing technology in particular can make important contributions, whether in the development of new biodegradable or biobased materials, in joining technology, in lightweight construction, in the field of energy or in the design of recycling processes. All these contributions are to be given a platform here: RE:FORM MATERIAL



The awareness of sustainable development also affects manufacturing technology and materials research: there is a need for answers to current challenges, for example to mitigate climate change. These can also be found in reforms of previous approaches in shaping and new materials research. We want to face these challenges together and develop interdisciplinary solutions.


What makes us stand out?

At Fraunhofer IFAM, more than 400 scientists are working on current topics in the fields of materials research and manufacturing technology. We want to combine the broad spectrum of expertise, from chemists to engineers, from automation experts to physicists and biologists, and use it for projects relating to sustainable material development and manufacturing technology. Many years of experience meet new ideas from young scientists and combine broad knowledge with innovative new approaches for a common future.


Why are we doing this?

Sustainable development concerns us all! In recent years, we have been able to gain a vast amount of experience in our various core competencies and business areas. In all these fields, sustainability considerations are playing an increasingly important role. We now want to bundle our competencies, strive for synergies from the different areas and win over other partners from research and industry to make a concrete commitment to sustainable material development and production technology.


Who can benefit from this?

Together we are strong! Depending on the question, we look for suitable partners and work together on the matter:

  • Application-oriented research, bilaterally or in a network project, provides new impulses and enables the development of concepts and technologies in a wide variety of fields.
  • In the case of concrete problems from industry, we try to contribute our knowledge and are available as a trustworthy and competent partner.
  • We try to pursue fundamental scientific questions in student theses and doctoral dissertations and thus expand our knowledge horizon.